Sometimes we get a little overexcited about the potential of your new website, and lapse into techno-babble. So to make things easier for you we’ve compiled a list of terms you’ll commonly hear from us and generally across the web.

If you’re looking for a particular term and can’t find it here please contact our support team. We’ll get back to you with an easy-to-understand explanation and we’ll add it to this page so you can easily find it in future.

  • Bounce Rate

    The percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page.

    Fruity Fact: Burning Fruit specialise in reducing bounce rates and maximising visitor engagement.
    Fruity Stat: We’ve reduced bounce rates as high as 95% to below 50% after our redesigns.

  • Brochure Website

    A website that has a similar amount of content to a brochure. Generally between 5 to 10 pages showcasing what you do, some samples of your work and a way for visitors to get in touch with or find you on a map.

    Fruity Fact: Burning Fruit create customised brochure websites targeted to your audience.
    Fruity Stat: Your brochure website will be fully editable by you to control what you publish.

  • Comprehensive Style Guide

    A design asset that outlines the logo format, colour scheme, typography and layout elements for use on the web.

    Fruity Fact: Burning Fruit create your own style guide for your website to ensure consistency thoughout your pages.
    Fruity Stat: All websites should have one.

  • Content Management System (CMS)

    Software that makes it easy to add and edit content on your website.

    Fruity Fact: We develop all websites based on a Content Management System allowing you to have control over your content.
    Fruity Stat: WordPress CMS powers over 25% of all websites.

  • Content Quest

    This can be done either with or without your staff knowing.

    We review your site and have your target market formulate a list of questions and then call your business posing as a customer to discover the answers. Everything is written down and presented to you as ideas for content on your website.

  • Content Support

    Just send us an email, and we’ll turn it into a page on your website!

    • New pages or blog articles
    • New pages
    • New FAQs, testimonials, case studies

    Not sure what content to create? We can perform a Content Quest

  • Conversion

    The conversion rate is the percentage of users who take a desired action. This may include contacting a business or purchasing a product.

    Fruity Fact: Burning Fruit specialise in maximising your conversion. Google Analytics allows you to set up your own conversion goals.
    Fruity Stat: A good conversion rate is relative and industry specific. However, an average conversion rate sits between 2%-5%.

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

    Practices, strategies and technologies a business uses to manage their relationships with their current and future clients. The term ‘CRM’ is often used to the refer to the software used to track the status of leads and to maintain client contact details.

    Fruity Fact: Burning Fruit works with CRM experts to integrate your CRM into your website to get visitors into your sales funnel.
    Fruity Stat: 20%-30% of all businesses do not use a CRM.

  • Demographic

    The statistical data that defines your target audience. For example: Male, 30-35, non-smoker, located in Perth.

    Fruity Fact: Before any design work is done, our Burning Fruit user experience, design and development teams will embed themselves in your target demographic.
    Fruity Stat: Conversion rates from tablets are four times higher than smartphones.

  • Design Brief

    This is a 5 to 10 page questionnaire that allows us to understand where you are now and what you would like to achieve by engaging our services.

    Fruity Fact: Burning Fruit have a comprehensive design brief to fully understand where your business is at and where you want to take it. Our design brief is critical to any web development project.
    Fruity Stat: A completed design brief can cut down site development time by 42%.

  • Design Support

    Have our awesome graphic designers create graphics for your use:

    • Email signatures
    • Basic Infographics
    • Social Media graphics
    • New icons
  • Design Support
    • New icons
    • Photo retouching or resizing
    • Stock images / video
    • Social media cover pages & graphics
  • Development Support

    Have our clever developers boost the functionality of your website:

    • Add a new feautre – such as download for email address
    • Create new forms or modify submission recipients
    • Troubleshoot display issues on new devices / browsers
    • Fix formatting errors
    • Adjust template structure and layout
    • Css customisation
  • Domain Management

    Every website has a primary domain name, such as www.yourdomain.com. You can also point other domain names at your primary domain.
    Our support customers receive complimentary domain management where we can:
    – Manage the renewal of your domain so it never accidentally expires and get’s snapped up by domain squatters.
    – Manage secondary domains that you would like to point at your primary domain
    – Modify DNS records
    – Acquire new domain names for you
    – Offer advice on domain name acquisition

  • Domain Name

    The unique address that identifies your website. For example, the Burning Fruit domain name is “burningfruit.com”. The Wikipedia domain name is “wikipedia.org”.

    Fruity Fact: Burning Fruit register domains, and can look after your domains. If you are thinking about a domain, it is worth registering multiple top level domains to secure your brand.
    Fruity Stat: By 2015, There are 296 million top-level domains (TLDs) worldwide.

  • Drupal

    An open-source content management system that can be used to create and manage websites.

    Fruity Fact: Burning Fruit can create, develop and migrate Drupal websites.
    Fruity Stat: By November 2015, there are 1,113,984 Drupal websites worldwide.

  • Ecommerce Website

    A website that facilitates transactions with it’s visitors, usually via a shopping cart and payment gateway such as Paypal.

    Fruity Fact: Burning Fruit develop simple and complex e-Commerce solutions on various platforms such as WordPress and Magento.
    Fruity Stat: 28% of shoppers will abandon their shopping cart if presented with unexpected shipping costs.

  • Emotionally Engaging Design

    Emotional design is a powerful tool in creating exceptional user experiences for websites.

    Fruity Fact: Burning Fruit strive to create emotionally engaging designs to maximise engagement. Check out our portfolio to see what we do.
    Fruity Stat: First impressions are 94% design-related. Websites that are perceived as great looking are also perceived as usable and trustworthy.

  • HD Image

    A high-quality image that will look good on large screens.

    Fruity Fact: Our designs are customised to maximise the quality and visual appeal of your new website. Using high quality imagery, preferably original rather than stock photography, is a must to enhance your trustworthiness and credibility.
    Fruity Stat: 75% of users admit to making judgements about a company’s credibility based on their website design.

  • Heat Map

    A graphical representation of where your visitors are spending most time on a page, and where they are clicking. The name comes from the map’s similarity to an infra-red image, with black representing the cold areas and white representing the hottest areas – or where your users are clicking most.

    Fruity Fact: Burning Fruit employ a number of technologies to understand user behaviour, including heat mapping. Contact us to find out how we can put heat mapping on your website.
    Fruity Stat: People tend to read text-based web pages in an ‘F’ shape, meaning visitors are selective in what they read on any one page. People tend to only read around 30% of text on any given web page.

  • Heuristic Analysis

    An analysis of a website that highlights potential usability issues visitors may have while using the website.

    Fruity Fact: We can perform a Heuristic Analysis on any website to give you tips on how you can improve your visitor’s website experience today.
    Fruity Stat: How many have Burning Fruit done in the past year? A lot!

  • Joomla

    An open-source content management system that can be used to build and manage websites.

    Fruity Fact: Burning Fruit can create, develop and migrate Joomla websites, although getting less popular these days.
    Fruity Stat: Joomla contributes to 6.5% of the CMS market share worldwide.

  • Landing Page

    A single website page that aims at driving conversions. Landing pages are often used in marketing campaigns to target a very specific audience, or by small or niche businesses looking to make a simple and elegant entrance to the world wide web.

    Fruity Fact: We can develop landing pages for your business whilst your website is being built, giving you an immediate web presence, and also to increase conversion rates compared to your standard website pages.
    Fruity Stat: Companies with 40+ landing pages get 12x more leads than those with 5 or less.

  • Magento

    A powerful e-commerce platform and content management system for web sites that have a large range of products. It is open-source and highly customisable.

    Fruity Fact: Magento frameworks are perfect for catalogues in excess of 4000 products.
    Fruity Stat: Magento has one of the most powerful reporting modules on the market, and the community is popular, talented and active.

  • Microsite

    A website with a limited number of pages.

    Fruity Fact: Microsites are great if you want to make a bang with a limited amount of content targeted to a specific persona. Our custom-made persona-based micro-sites also fit limited budgets.
    Fruity Stat: Micro-sites built with a persona strategy see up to a 200% increase in content click rates and a 170% higher social share rate than sites without.

  • Objective Study

    A study dedicated to one website, mainly task orientated asking mostly quantitative questions.

    Fruity Fact: Burning Fruit perform objective studies with real people to find out exactly what works and does not work on your website. Contact us to find out how we can do this for you.
    Fruity Stat: Utilising 6 objective studies on your website will identify >80% of your website issues.

  • Office365

    A web-based suite of software products released by Microsoft that are aimed at improving productivity. Products include the email client Outlook, document processor Word, spreadsheet program Excel, slideshow presentation program PowerPoint and various others.

    Fruity Fact: We work with some of the best Office 365 technicians in Perth. Contact us to find out how you can get O365 reliably installed in your organisation.
    Fruity Stat: 70% of fortune 500 companies have purchased Office 365 in the last 12 months.

  • Open-source

    Software that is freely available for anyone to use or modify to suit their own needs.

    Fruity Fact: Burning Fruit favour open-source technologies that allow us to customise code to do exactly what you want.
    Fruity Stat: The top 3 open source content management systems are WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

  • Persona

    A fictional character that we develop based on your target audience. Personas are an integral part of the Burning Fruit process and help to ensure that the website we design meets the goals of your target audience.

    Fruity Fact: We use personas throughout the life cycle of a project to ensure your target audience is always at the forefront of your website.
    Fruity Stat: Burning Fruit have developed over 100 personas for our clients over the past year.

  • Plugin

    A piece of code that can be added to your website to make it do something special. For example, we may add a plugin that allows your Facebook feed to appear on your website.

    Fruity Fact: Burning Fruit write custom plugins and also utilise plugins that have been tried and tested in the marketplace.
    Fruity Stat: WordPress currently has 28593 plugins available.

  • Production Site

    The version of your website that your visitors have access to.

    Fruity Fact: Burning Fruit utilise both a development site and production site to ensure major changes do not affect your visitors.
    Fruity Stat: “Development sites worry about people who will use the product. Production sites worry about people who are using the product.”

  • Project Plan

    A list of the different phases of the project and their timeframes. This is usually displayed in the format of a Gantt Chart, a visual representation of when each phase begins and ends.

    Fruity Fact: You will receive a custom made project plan at the start of any project. This is to ensure the project teams on both sides understand the deliverables and when they should be delivered.
    Fruity Stat: 17 percent of large IT projects go so badly that they can threaten the very existence of the company.

  • Redesign

    A list of tweaks and revisions to a design that result in a completely new design or change it more than 70% from it’s original state.

    Fruity Fact: Redesigns do happen, and we are more than happy to accommodate redesigns as part of a specific package.
    Fruity Stat: You have 10 seconds to leave an impression and tell them what they’ll get out of your website and company. After this time (and oftentimes before), they’ll leave.

  • Round(s) of Revisions

    When you review the design, you may end up with a collection of changes or tweaks. These should be listed out as bullet points and provided as feedback to the design team.

    Fruity Fact: Burning Fruit design revisions to pages depending on your package.
    Fruity Stat: Pages that require > 2 revisions are typically considered to be a redesign.

  • Scope

    The agreed-upon extent of work. For each project this will include the design, number of revisions, included functionality (e.g. number of contact forms) and the number of pages.

    Fruity Fact: Burning Fruit develop a set of requirements for each project we undertake. This allows the whole project team to understand what is to be delivered.
    Fruity Stat: Project sprints should be between 1-3 weeks to allow for iterative development and awareness of scope by all parties.

  • SEO

    Otherwise known as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) The process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s unpaid results – often referred to as “natural,” “organic,” or “earned” results. A mix of strategies, techniques and tactics may be used used to increase the amount of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page of a search engine.

    Fruity Fact: We develop strategies and assist clients with marrying SEO and behavioural data to continually improve their online presence.
    Fruity Stat: 86% of consumers stated that using a search engine allowed them to learn something new or important that helped him/her increase his/her knowledge.

  • Spam Prevention

    When you make yourself known to the online world, spammers can often be the first to get in touch.
    We use the following technologies to prevent your inbox from overflowing with spam and make sure your enquiries are qualified:
    – email obfusciation
    – captcha – non annoying are you human tests
    – form field validation

  • Staging Site

    A copy of your website that is not visible to the public and is used to test new features and functionality before they are released to your live website.

    Fruity Fact: We create a staging site for every project we undertake to ensure major changes are tested prior to go-live.
    Fruity Stat: 100% of tests on the staging site should be passed before deployment of the system into the production environment.

  • Study Strategy

    The strategy we will use to conduct our usability studies.

    Fruity Fact: We develop our own custom strategies for all of our clients, and allow them to adjust the studies to address core business goals and provide a quality user experience for their industry.
    Fruity Stat: After the initial “wow” factor of the product is gone, its flaws become far more visible. It is inevitable, but a solid user experience can overcome these.

  • Style Guide

    A tasting plate of the design that can be used for future digital work to maintain consistent branding. It usually contains fonts, colours and layout of buttons.

    Fruity Fact: Burning Fruit create your own style guide for your website to ensure consistency thoughout your pages.
    Fruity Stat: All websites should have one.

  • Theme

    A theme provides all of the front end styling of your website.

    Fruity Fact: Burning Fruit develops customised themes for all designs.
    Fruity Stat: WordPress currently has 2176 themes available.

  • Uniform Resource Locator (URL)

    The address (or domain) for your website. For example, Burning Fruit’s URL is “https://www.burningfruit.com”.

    Fruity Fact: Burning Fruit register domains on your behalf to make the process seamless.
    Fruity Stat: Tim Berners-Lee, who invented URLs, expressed regret at the use of dots to separate the parts of the domain name within URIs, wishing he had used slashes throughout.

  • Usability Phase

    The first phase in any Burning Fruit project dedicated to studying the target demographic of a business.

    Fruity Fact: Our unique methodology places this phase at the start of any web development project.
    Fruity Stat: Over 70% of users went for a link to click rather than using search, meaning you should not use search as a crutch for poor navigation.

  • Usability Rating

    Rating awarded to a design that satisfies identified goals from the usability studies conducted for a business.

    Fruity Fact: Burning Fruit conduct their own usability ratings on both websites and designs to ensure all user experience goals are achieved.
    Fruity Stat: 79% of people who don’t like what they find on one site will go back and search for another site.

  • Usability Support
    • Website Walkabout
    • Additional user testing
    • Heuristic analysis
    • Implementing suggestions made by stakeholders
  • User Experience

    The experience a person has while using a website. Burning Fruit specialise in designing and building websites that provide your visitors with the best possible user experience.

    Fruity Fact: We place your target audience at the centre of any web design and establish what is and isn’t working, ultimately identifying what your target market wants.
    Fruity Stat: Burning Fruit are the only web development company specialising in user experience in Perth.

  • Web Host

    Web hosts are companies that provide space on a server owned or leased for use by clients, as well as providing Internet connectivity, typically in a data centre.

    Fruity Fact: Burning Fruit utilise local, Australia based and international web servers to reach target audiences worldwide.
    Fruity Stat: There are 3,850,595 web hosts worldwide.

  • Web Hosting

    Web hosting keeps your website live 24/7/365.

    Your choice of our 3 reliable web servers:

    • Perth server
    • Australian server
    • Worldwide server

    Don’t worry! Our support team will troubleshoot any web hosting issues such as managing bandwidth and disk space management.

  • Web Safe Colour

    Web safe colours are colours that render consistently across all browsers and computer screens.

    Fruity Fact: Burning Fruit abide by W3C standards regarding web safe colours and rendering.
    Fruity Stat: In January of 2010 0% of Internet users were still at 256 colours.

  • Webmaster Helpdesk

    Our support team are ready to take your requests any day of the week. There are several ways you can get in touch with us:

    • Support Tower – email support@burningfruit.com
    • Trello – add requests to your trello board
    • Skype – Skype one of our team
    • Phone – call our office on (08) 6406 1876
  • Website Asset Management

    Now, where did I write down that password? Use your webmaster as the go to point for your website, hosting or domain passwords. Have your webmaster email your printer a HD version of your logo. Need any documentation from the development of your website? we’ve got a record of everything, ready when you need it.

    • Passwords for CMS login, Hosting & Domains
    • Logos and design assets sent to you as needed
    • Persona documentation sent to you as needed
  • Website Monitoring

    You can’t keep an eye on your website 24/7, but we have tools that can:

    • Uptime monitoring – get notified if your site is down for a specified amount of time.
    • Enquiry form testing – we perform regular tests on the most important contact forms of your website.
    • Search console monitoring – if Google detects a problem with your site, we get notified and schedule a fix.
  • Website Performance Reporting

    Once we know who is coming to your site, from where and what they’re doing, we can make decisions

    • Google Analytics
    • Facebook Pixels
    • Adwords conversions

    All wrapped up in a digestable support summary

  • Website Recovery

    Recovering quickly from a compromise is essential. A prolonged hack can result in being demoted in Google and landed on government email blacklists. We use the following technologies to ensure we can revert back to the latest stable version of your site in the event of a compromise:

    • Regular website file and database backups
    • Code control in a repository
    • Maintenance of a development site
    • Storage of all enquiries or contact form submissions
  • Website Security

    Hackers regularly run scans across the internet to find vulernable websites they can exploit.
    Because your website is online 24/7/365, the following measures need to be taken to keep out the baddies:

    • Regular monitoring of core and plugins to prevent outdated and vulnerable code.
    • Login lockdown Brute force prevention
    • Scheduled Malware scans
    • Password security
    • Keeping a blacklist of troublesome user agents and dodgey bots
    • Plugin license management
  • Website Strategy

    Come in and meet with us to discuss the next stages of growth for your website:

    • Traffic analysis
    • Behaviour analysis
    • Campaign planning
  • Website Training

    Want to manage your website in house? We can come out on site to train you and/or your staff to make direct updates:

    • Basic WordPress training
    • Advanced WordPress training
    • Marketing strategy training
    • Content creation training
  • WordPress

    WordPress is a content management system you can use to create a beautiful website or blog. It is open-source, highly customisable and very easy to use, which is why we use it as a blank canvas for most of our websites.

    Fruity Fact: Burning Fruit uses WordPress as a primary platform to develop websites. It is flexible, has a huge active community and its interface is one of the most user-friendly administration consoles for clients.
    Fruity Stat: 74.6 million sites depend on WordPress.